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Canon EOS IX Body Style

"Look at the EOS IX (lets leave the APS issue out, ok?)... it's a killer design. I'll even say it was a revolution in camera design. I just hope CANON doesn't drop the idea... but I'm afraid it has, for the other EOS IX 7 looks horrible." - Anonymous


I totally agree with the quote above (found it on Usenet).

I flew to SF this past weekend to have a reunion with a number of old friends. I brought a single back-pack, hiding in the back of the closet, from my college years. I filled it with clean clothes.

Then when I tried to pack my Rebel G (with BP-8) I was unable to get it to fit. So, instead, I packed the IX camera body, the 24-85mm lens, and a lot of APS films.

When we had our walk around the city, I left my pack of clothes behind. I had a really easy time of carrying the IX strap across my chest and have the camera trailing behind me to stay out of my way. Since the strap mounts were on the side of the camera, the mounted lens points downward to the ground. Unlike other cameras with the strap mounts on the top, large lenses do not stick out awkwardly to the side. It is extremely attractive and stylish. Girls love it. The small APS cartridges fitted in my pocket. Canon really did it right with the IX.

My only complaint is that IX is made out of metal, so it is a bit weighty. I'd prefer the light weight of my plastic Rebel G. Canon recently release Canon IX Lite, which is made out of plastic and extremely light. It has similar body styling as the Canon IX. But the Canon IX seems to be far more stylish than the Canon IX Lite.

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