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Confused about RAW

You know, this RAW thing has confused me forever. I still can't make sense of it. For instance, I have the Rebel, and when I use the Canon Browser to select photos from my camera... and when I view the photo properties, it's always described as a jpeg. I have the option after I open it to save it many different ways... but it seems as if it was a jpeg to begin with. I've googled and googled... I'm still confused.

Wed, 11 Jan 2006 22:17:21 -0800

Here is an IM conversation I had with someone ready to try RAW. It might help you get a better idea on how to get started with RAW. Or help you think of some specific questions to ask.

gypsy3001: did you get the 4GB cf?
speedchess5: yup
gypsy3001: works well?
speedchess5: haven't played with it yet
gypsy3001: oh yah?
gypsy3001: well, I bet you can now take gobs of pictures . . .
speedchess5: i'm gonna try raw when using this card
speedchess5: and jpeg with the 1 gb cf
gypsy3001: that's great!
speedchess5: it shows 999 and doesn't change after a couple of shots
gypsy3001: for RAW!?
speedchess5: no, in the current setting, i think medium
gypsy3001: I see . . . wow
speedchess5: how do you set to raw?
speedchess5: the max is large super fine
gypsy3001: you have to be in creative mode . . . none of the scene stuff.
gypsy3001: do you have the XT?
speedchess5: yes
gypsy3001: You'll have to use P, Av, Tv, or M
speedchess5: what's the diff with raw+L versus just raw
gypsy3001: the camera will store a RAW file with an embedded JPEG in large size. I think the standard RAW embeds a medium sized JPEG.
speedchess5: so there are 2 files then
gypsy3001: Just one file. the JPEG is embedded.
speedchess5: how does it get written to the card as?
gypsy3001: ??
speedchess5: as raw (tiff) or large jpg
gypsy3001: img_0000.crw
speedchess5: photoshop will recognize this right
gypsy3001: not sure . . . I think Adobe Photoshop CS2 has a software Adobe Camera Raw that could handle it.
speedchess5: so what do you do with the crw file
gypsy3001: You archive it. It's like a negative.
speedchess5: it shows 296 after 3 pics in raw+l
gypsy3001: cool . . . that's about how much I can shoot with my 1 GB Microdrive in my D30 (3MP) . . . 8-)
speedchess5: so where is the processed file from the crw? or how can i get there
gypsy3001: I don't know about Adobe Camera Raw, but I use Canon Digital Camera File Viewer Utility that is supplied with the camera . . .
gypsy3001: In this program, you select the picture you want to process, usually all of them, and then you select "Convert and save in file . . ." from the menu . . .
gypsy3001: It will ask you if you want to save the pictures as JPEG, TIFF (8-bit), or TIFF (16-bit) . . .
gypsy3001: It has the option of saving the file in the same directory as the raw file folder, or another folder of your choice.
speedchess5: ah, i see
speedchess5: cool thanks
gypsy3001: conversion takes some time, so the program also allows you to "Extract Save JPG..." which will extract the embedded JPEG and save it to a file.
speedchess5: there are 2 files when i use the explorer view
speedchess5: img_2222.cr2 and img_2222.jpg
gypsy3001: oh really?
speedchess5: i'm using a usb cf card reader
gypsy3001: I guess Digital Rebel XT saves the JPEG separately.
gypsy3001: load up the JPEG, how big is it?
speedchess5: the cr2 is 14 mb and the jpg is about 5 mb
gypsy3001: ok. It looks like Digital Rebel XT doesn't embed the JPEG in the raw file . . . and XT uses the cr2 extension for raw rather than CRW.
speedchess5: so with the xt, you lose some space by have 2 files
speedchess5: or is your raw like 20 mb
gypsy3001: not that much more, because even if it is embedded, it will still take up space.
speedchess5: the software called digital professional 1.6 with the xt can view the cr2 format
gypsy3001: is that what comes with the DRXT?
speedchess5: there was a bunch, but that one can edit the pix
gypsy3001: oh really? edit the pix and save to a different file?
speedchess5: from 13 mb to under 8 mb jpg file
gypsy3001: ?? you mean you edit a 13 mb JPEG and it saved it as a 8 MB JPEG?
speedchess5: 13 mb cr2 to 8 mb jpg after conversion
gypsy3001: Oh I see.

Chieh Cheng
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:29:07 -0800

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