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Unlike the film days, where some film cameras provides the date and time stamp features, most of today's digital cameras store the date and time of your photograph within the image file itself. The date and time are generally stored as part of the EXIF meta data within the image file. Therefore, few digital cameras today let you stamp the date and time directly on the image. Plus, you wouldn't want to stamp the date and time on your prize-winning photograph, would you?

Nevertheless, sometimes we all want to give our grandmas printed pictures of ourselves with date stamps on them, so that she can remember our faces at the last Christmas party. So what can you do? You can load the photograph up in your favorite graphics editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, read the EXIF data yourself, and manually imprint the date stamp on the photograph. Do it yourself is probably one of the best way to date stamp your pictures, because you can do it however you like. It is also the slowest and the most tedious.

Date Stamp JPEG is your easy way out. You don't need any special graphics editing software. You just need a computer, a web browser, and an Internet connection. Point the form above to the photograph you want to date stamp and click the "Submit" button. The image file will be uploaded to our server, the EXIF data will be read, a date stamp will be created, and your photograph will be imprinted with a date stamp on the bottom right-hand corner. It's that easy.

If your digital photograph doesn't contain EXIF data that is relevant to date and time, then the date stamp will be created based on the date and time you uploaded your photograph.

The server automatically deletes the photograph you upload after an hour. So make sure you download the stamped photograph onto your own hard disk. Don't send the link out in an electronic mail; the photograph will most likely be gone when your recipient reads the e-mail.

Please click the "Submit" button only once. How long it takes to upload your image for processing depends on the size of the file and the connection speed. Clicking the "Submit" button multiple times will only restart the upload process, slowing down the upload process. The maximum file size this server will accept is 5 MB.

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