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Camera Equipment Packing List

"Yo! Do u have a Nikon Battery charger by any chance?"

"No, sorry dude. I only have Canon stuff. You forgot your charger and ran out of battery?"

"Ok thanks. Didn't pack the battery [email protected]@&#%"

That was the text message conversation that my friend and I had during his visit. Don't get caught in this situation. Here is a packing checklist whenever you are preparing to travel.

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Print this page and check off each item as you pack. If an item is not applicable to you, just cross it off.

  • Main Camera
  • Batteries for Main Camera
  • Lenses
  • Charger and cord
  • Underwater Case

  • Spare Camera
  • Batteries for Spare Camera
  • Lenses
  • Charger and cord
  • Underwater Case

  • Camcorder / Action Cam
  • Batteries for Camcorder
  • Lenses
  • Charger and cord
  • Underwater Case

  • Laptop Computer
  • AC Adapter for Laptop Computer
  • External Hard Drive
  • AC Adapter for External Hard Drive
  • Computer Interface Cable (e.g. USB, etc.)
  • Camera Phone
  • Batteries for Camera Phone
  • Cellphone Charger

  • GPS

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