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How-To Detach Surface Mount Ribbon Cables

Nowadays, digital cameras are getting smaller and smaller. In order to design small digital cameras, manufacturers utilizes surface mount technology (SMT) on its circuit boards. In order to interface various components together inside the camera, the manufacturers uses ultra-thin surface mount ribbon cables and connectors. The surface mount ribbon cable connectors usually have locking mechanisms that prevent accidental detachments. This article shows the different types of surface mount connectors and their locking mechanisms.

[[Image:Basic_Ribbon_Cable_Connector_Locked.jpg|thumb|450px|The photo above shows the most basic type of ribbon cable connector. The black strip of plastic is the locking mechanism. To loosen the lock, simply pull the black strip upward.]] [[Image:Deceiving_Ribbon_Cable_Connector_Locked.jpg|thumb|450px|This ribbon cable connector is deceiving. It looks like there is no locking mechanism. But the brown strip of plastic is actually the lock. It's on the back side of the connector, away from the ribbon cable. To loosen the lock, simply pull the brown strip upward.]]