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How-To Insert Any Image in a Digital Camera

A lot of people have the desire to put photographs, images (as in computer made or others), and text onto their digital cameras for display. Basically, the desire is to use a digital camera as a digital photo frame.

All Platforms

The good news is that it is now possible with the software that is developed under "using Sony digital camera as a picture viewer". Although originally developed for Sony digital cameras, this software works for all digital cameras and have been tested on Canon, Nikon, etc. is a command-line Python script that can be executed on any operating system with the Python interpreter installed. Python interpreter is free on most operating systems today. Linux operating systems are usually have Python bundled as part of their standard installation.

Batch Processing

Batch processing is the ability to process multiple images through automation. allows you to process multiple files and name them to the correct DCF compatible file names with a single command.


In a recent post in the "using Sony digital camera as a picture viewer" thread, it seems that Microsoft Paint now supports JPEG file format and can write JPEG files that is viewable on digital cameras.

To make a JPEG file viewable on the digital camera, open up the image file in Paint. Save it and it is ready to go.

You just have to put that file back onto the memory card, in the correct DCF directory.

Which Versions of Paint Works?

Microsoft Paint is a graphics software that is bundled with Microsoft Windows, ever since the very first version of Windows. Older Microsoft Paint does not support the JPEG format and will not work. The following is a list of Microsoft Paint versions that do work, and which version of Microsoft Windows it came bundled with:

  • Microsoft Paint 5.1 (Microsoft Windows XP Professional)
  • Microsoft Paint 5.1 (Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition)
  • Microsoft Paint 5.2 (Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition)

Please do update this list.

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