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Why get an APS camera?

Can anyone recommend EOS IX EF 24-85mm USM Kit instead of Elan IIe?

I'm sure by now you have probably received a number of replies on why you should not get an APS camera. So, here are a few reason why you may want to:

  1. The prints come back with focus length, shutter speed, apeture setting, and other technical stats printed on the back. This is valuable if you are too lazy to write them down on a notebook, or if you are grabbing shots and don't have time to write them down.
  2. Date printing on the back of the print rather than on the front in the picture frame, as part of the picture.
  3. Wider print (4x7). Whether this is good is arguable, but you can't do this with 35mm without cropping.
  4. Auto-Panaramic. I say auto because with APS the cropping is done automatically, without your worries.
  5. Mid-roll change. If you don't like to bother with film leader retriever and manually wind the film to the right frame.
  6. Negatives in a cartridge are easier to store and retrieve than 35mm film if you are not going PRO. (Harder to get finger prints on the negatives.)

Oh general film developing is more costly with APS than with 35mm.

I agree with Chieh Cheng, the above are great features that I wish Canon would put into the 35mm format. Canon are you listening, how about a data back that's better than Nikon or at least something?

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