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Capturing Lunar Eclipse on Video
Tips and tricks on shooting a lunar eclipse video.

Color Sepia Photographs
Sepia photographs are usually in B&W. Here is a guide on how to make color sepia photographs.

Creating Negative Art with any Film or Digital Camera
Creativity effect that differs from the norm.

Creating the Magic Floating Head Illusion
Revealing the special effect for floating ghost heads.

Exposure Compensation with any Camera
Techniques to compensate exposure on cameras without the exposure compensation feature.

How to Crop Your Digital Photo for Printing
Perfect print every time.

Macro Photography with What You Got
Shoot a clear and sharp macro photography with any consumer digital camera.

Photo Background
Improve your photographic subject with readily available backdrops.

Recording Sports Videos in an Indoor School Gym
Camcorder selection and tips on filming indoor high school sports

Shooting Spectacular Fireworks Video
Tips and pitfalls on filming the fireworks show.

Sports Photography in an Indoor School Gym
Tips and tricks on shooting indoor high school sports.

Taking Graduation Pictures
Some tips on taking graduation pictures.