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Sony Cybershot Video 10 minute limit
Tue, 09 May 2023 14:46:46 +0000

My Sony cyber shot dsc w120 has a 10 minute limit when recording.please I beg you'll to help me with this problem please help. Need help now !!!

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E:61:10 error message on DSC-T1
Tue, 25 Apr 2023 04:27:29 +0000

I'm using a cybershot TM5 my kid poked the lens in trying to clean it. gI closed the lens cover and gave it a few solid whacks and it's OK again. Honestly can't believe this worked!!!

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Keychain Digital Camera (66379) - Problems
Wed, 15 Mar 2023 01:33:05 +0000

Haha. That's a great idea. Good Christmas gift idea for someone who's into photography.

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Choppy Playback - Sony DCR-TRV120
Sat, 04 Mar 2023 19:17:34 +0000

This worked on my old Sony camcorder that was playing back an important recording with vertical shaky bars on the video and choppy audio. I was so frustrated and ready to try anything. I followed the advice on here, and while playing the choppy tape went whap whap whap! Omg it worked yay!

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Error Code C:31:40
Sun, 12 Feb 2023 22:02:47 +0000

Worked for me as well. C31:40 error. Was copying old tapes to hard drives. After about 20 hours of footage got the error. Nothing worked. So based on the positive outcomes noted, I tried hitting the base of the camera (closed and turned off without a cassette loaded) 10 times with an open palm, medium force. It worked, back taping. Perhaps not a long term solution, but doesnt matter, just trying to get my content to a hard drive.

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Canon Digital Rebel XT $764.15 - Dell (Phone)
Fri, 18 Nov 2022 21:53:27 +0000

I pulled the trigger on the XT deal.

$999 - 10% - $90 + free 256 MB Sandisk Compact Flash + $7 (Shipping) + tax = $883.43.

It took me an hour to order this via the phone. Dell's order system is lame over the phone. At first it didn't recognize the 10% off, then it couldn't find the free 256 MB CF with camera purchase, then on top of that, the sales guy said that I couldn't apply a second discount code to the order. I had to ask to speak with a manager before he called the help desk to apply the $90 off code. The shipping should be free too, but I was late and didn't want to deal with it anymore, so they charge for that.

It's a great deal, but a pain to order over the phone.

In case you are interested, the codes do expire.

6$K9TPJ191?VTZ 10% off Canon D SLR and Lens - expires 4/13 or after 1000 uses
S$0BW75H54S60M Save $90 on $750 in Electronics & Accessories - expires 4/13 or after 2000 uses

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Error Code C:31:42
Mon, 07 Nov 2022 07:13:59 +0000

This is the best thread, slapped the crap out of my camera & she works like a treat!!

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modifying the MASD-1?
Mon, 22 Aug 2022 17:01:58 +0000

It doesn't work, it doesn't even plug into the camera and the memory card reader, I feel like a waste of money buying it. At least I can buy a 2gb XD card for a pretty cheap price, maybe the seller doesn't know its value

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Where to Get Firmware for Nikon CoolPix P500 and P510?
Tue, 02 Aug 2022 00:37:08 +0000

where can I find 'Firmware Hack for Nikon P510' ?
The provided link no longer seems to work.

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CCTV Lens Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) Chart
Mon, 14 Mar 2022 18:51:39 +0000

Found a handy reference chart for 1/3" CCD.


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How to Download Photos to Computer from Vivitar Mini Digital Camera?
Wed, 29 Dec 2021 08:16:27 +0000

my son got the camera for christmas.
I am a mac user having troubles to install the software from the CD...
it starts all right, but then there is an error message saying that it is only compatible with mac OS 10.something or higher. I use OS 12.something. its frustrating.
any mac users out there that can help.
thanks, E.

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c31:30 error code
Fri, 22 Oct 2021 00:18:08 +0000

It's 2021, I have a cranky Sony here that would close on the tape then refuse to feed it in, giving the same error ocde. It would eventually release the tape again though, so thought this is not going to work. Closed the tape door, powered it off and gave it a not very hard slap on all sides... and bloody hell it works now. Stupid, yet amazing. Thanks for this weird but useful trick.

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Where to get Sony Pixela ImageMixer software?
Sun, 03 Oct 2021 22:37:00 +0000

This is like a total longshot but by any chance does anyone still have a copy of sony's imagemixer? i'm trying to get my mums old tapes onto the computer so she can watch them easier. If anyone could send me a copy that would be much appreciated! please send to [email protected] cheers!

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UiT WebCam Software
Fri, 30 Jul 2021 20:50:24 +0000




2,IN MY COMPUTER-> MANAGE-> DEVICE MANAGER -> in right pane ->select and right click on WEBCAM and select UPDATE DRIVER -> select browse the driver from specific location ->browse the extracted folder path -> hit ok.

Now see the magic


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Digital Concepts 4.1 MP Digital Camera Resources
Wed, 02 Jun 2021 09:50:58 +0000

I have that camera but I can't turn on it,
I am from India but I bought it from USA when I am at my aunt's house
I thought that I'll use it when I reach my house
But I can't turn on it it's model name is
Sakar Digital Concepts 4.1MP Digital Camera
Item no. #57482

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