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Radio Slave

I'm looking to build my own radio slave. Do they just send current back down into the flash hotshue? (If so, how much?) I'd like to take a Radio Shack remote doorbell ringer and have it trip the shutter through the hotshue.

Mon Aug 2 07:53:10 PDT 2004

Which camera do you want to build the radio slave for?

There are two types of radio slaves. One is to trigger external flash. The other one is to trigger a remote camera. It sounds like you want to build the second one.

The remote slave for the camera does not tie into the hotshoe. Instead, it is generally mounted on the flah hot shoe and then attached to the camera via the remote trigger socket.

If you have a lower-end Canon EOS camera, you can interface to the RS-60E3 remote trigger port by following the instructions in these articles:

If you have some other camera, post it here. Maybe someone else can help you out.

Chieh Cheng
Thu Aug 5 13:00:32 PDT 2004

I'll check out the links. Yes, I'm trying to trigger the camera remotely to take pictures. I have a Canon G5 (digital).


Tue Aug 10 13:52:13 PDT 2004

I built a radio control unit using the electronic components from a toy RC car. It works best on cameras with good point and shoot functions, with My Olympus C4000Z, it works very well. I can fire My camera from over 100 feet away. Cost $25.00 to make, simple soldering iron, razor knife and glue job.
I am too old to worry about selling anything, happy to share.
Unit has fired well over 1000 shots, no damage to camera. Live bird macros are easy.

Bob Honiker
Tue Aug 24 13:45:35 PDT 2004

Please do share. I would love to hear how you interfaced to the Olympus C4000Z. Did the C4000Z have a trigger port?

Chieh Cheng
Wed Aug 25 10:03:36 PDT 2004

Easy way to start is with a photo. This is a prototype, as I find time I am working on an improved version, better materials and finish. This one, however, is still going strong, in spite of being on the fragile side. Don't worry about finding a complicated way, when a simple solution is there.
Only part of the rig not shown is the transmitter. Clear plastic case holds a 27mh reciever, and a battery holder for 4 AAs. C4000 goes to sleep, unless You use a power supply, but I just remember to give it a signal to wake it up every so often. Big problem is when I fire one off, the Kids around here find their little toys doing unexpected things, but only for a moment.
Picture of rig


Bob Honiker
Thu Aug 26 01:05:39 PDT 2004

Having problems with gallery links, gallery easy to enter, RC rig is on page 10. I tried to move the image to the head of the line, it won't move right now.

Bob Honiker
Thu Aug 26 01:13:38 PDT 2004

I was frustrated because I cannot afford to buy enough lens power to get the results I want. Only solution I could see was to get closer, but the birds I chase will only allow so much. What amazes Me is how many Photo Gurus have seen the results, and still told Me it can't possibly work. It seems to be much too simple for some to understand. I am of a generation that repaired rusty old cars at home, wired and plumbed their own homes, and solved their own problems. I have had battles with some of the Photo Gurus over this piece of plastic and wire. They cut in ranting about IR control, interfaces, and how You must spend more money on the problem. I suppose I could persist, and make a few bucks, but the way things are I would just as likely be dead by then.

I use only half of the steering channel, the other half is there, and the motor speed control channel remains. This can be made to scan to preset points, a few switches and some clever wiring will do it, and could be made to control another camera. I really get My kicks from helping People to be happy. If some of You young Guy's want to take this and run with it, fine with Me. Just remember that before printed circuits and transistors there came tubes and wires, and way back down the line You will find a Guy standing beside a glowing forge, sweating and swinging a hammer. The Guy chipping away at a rock, at the start of the line, is always a good place to start.

I never can figure out how to get links and stuff to work, too busy taking pictures, any way I can get them. I love Your site, Thanks!

Attached Image:


Bob Honiker
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 05:43:42 -0400

I finally found some time to study the picture you attached . . . looks like you rigged up a actuation device to trigger the shutter button on your Olympus Camedia C-4000Z.

I was wondering how you interfaced to the switch, and wehter the C-4000Z had a trigger port. I guess your picture answered that question. That is really cool!

Chieh Cheng
Tue Sep 7 11:10:43 PDT 2004

Back on line, Who knows for how long, I can hear thunder coming in again!
It works, the better the point and shoot functions, the better it does work! I really think that when We begin to think of cost as an insurmountable issue, We tend to miss the simple solutions.
Only thing I focus on, is, that there is a picture I want to capture, just figure out how to do it!
I just remember that BumbleBees can't fly! Somehow, the poor little fools just keep on flying! Could it be imagination?

Bob Honiker
Fri Sep 10 14:09:25 PDT 2004

Well, the idea of using the RC from a toy car sounds useful .. However, I have a couple of Minolta high-output flashguns and a E-1, and their FL-50 flasgun. All of these have IR triggering, and it occurs to me that if I could devise a way of getting the E-1 to trigger all of these, it would be very, very, useful! What I don't know, is how to find out what frequency [or whatever it's called] each of these guns and the camera uses, and their manuals don't say. What do I need to do, to find out what these settings are? Anyone have any ideas on this?

Sam Chapman [England]
Tue Sep 21 01:15:32 PDT 2004

I found some IR emitters coded to various cameras while I was surfing around on the kite photography forums, got distracted and did not mark the site. The are used by placing them near the IR sensor on the camera, and just triggered by applying DC to them. They were less than $20.00 US. I suppose I'll find the page again, but not so far. There are a lot of resourceful People around the kite photo sites, I just haven't had time to go ask questions.

Bob Honiker
Tue Sep 21 23:59:13 PDT 2004

is the remote shutter you made for the eos300 and also for the rebel d.
I have the two cameras and want to use it on both is it possible?

javier figueroa
Thu Feb 3 17:44:12 PST 2005

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