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What is EXIF?

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. This is a standard used for storing image information when you use your digital camera to take a photograph. The EXIF may contain information regarding your digital camera, your photograph, and the technique setting you used to take the photographs. The EXIF data is generally stored as part of the image file and can only be retrieved with a EXIF compatible software.

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What is EXIF WebReader?

The EXIF WebReader is a web-based application to read the data that is stored within your image file. You can use this application to read the EXIF for your photograph. Simply browse for your photograph using the form above. When you have selected the photograph to view, click on the "Show EXIF" button.

It may take some time to upload your photograph to the server, depending on the size of your file and the connection speed. Please be patient; clicking the button multiple times will only cause the upload to restart, slowing the upload even further. The maximum file size this server will accept is 5 MB. After your photograph is uploaded to the server, the EXIF data is read and displayed to you. Your photograph will be deleted off the server automatically after the EXIF is read.

Although EXIF data can be embedded into various file formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, RAW, etc., this web application only accepts the JPEG format, which produces the smallest file size and is the most popular file format used today.

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How to Read the EXIF Data Output?

EXIF WebReader outputs the EXIF data with minimal formatting. It will output the section name, parameter name, and parameter value as is stored in your image file. There will be no layman translations. Therefore, you will see exactly what data is stored in your digital photograph. Formatting provided by EXIF WebReader will be shown as blue text, while the actual EXIF text will be shown as black text.

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