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Fun Photographic Gift for Children

For the past few weeks I have been thinking of what to get my teenage cousins for Christmas. They are both still going to middle school. Worst of all, they are both girls and I am a guy. If you are a guy, then you know what I mean when I say I have a hard time coming up with gifts for females.

But yesterday, I came up with this great and wonderful idea! I want to get each of them a Polaroid i-Zone Digital and Instant Combo Camera. This gift would allow me to share my favorite hobby with little cousins without taking all the fun out of it.

The Polaroid i-Zone Digital and Instant Combo Camera is a 2-in-1 camera that takes both digital and instant pictures. The digital part of the camera takes digital pictures that can transferred to a computer and e-mail to friends or for web-sites. The digital camera supports 640x480 pixels of resolution. It has a 1-megabyte internal memory that can store up to 18 pictures at a time. The digital camera connects through the serial port of the computer. The instant portion of the camera takes the same great i-Zone mini-photos on either sticky film or non-sticky film.

The Polaroid i-Zone Pocket Camera (without the digital capability) is also a great buy at less than 20 bucks. However, I chose the Polaroid i-Zone Digital and Instant Combo Camera over the regular i-Zone camera because the the non-digital version requires the use of either sticky film or non-sticky film, which children may have a hard time obtaining with their limited funding. With the digital combo, their creativity will not be limited because they run out of film.

These cameras will surely bring tons of enjoyment over the winter season. I will write more on these cameras after Christmas to let you know what my cousins think of them.

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