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The Camera Hacker web site has been on the Internet for the past eight years. Over time, I kept adding articles, my thoughts, and my experiences on photography to the web site. Today, the web site has received over 1.5 million visits. And that's not including the first several years when the visits weren't tracked. I've heard many praises and many criticisms. But what I came to realized is that the information is helpful to many people.

As the Camera Hacker web site grew, I came to realize that there is only one of me and infinite amount of information. I have chatted with many enthusiastic photographers and "camera hackers" in the past. All of them are friendly and armed with knowledge that could be beneficial to the community. Some of them were motivated enough to send me articles to post for them. But others felt it is a lot of work to format their articles through me.

For a while now, I've thought that the concept of a community-managed wiki will help alleviate the communication barrier. So, today, I've created the "Camera Hacker Wiki" to supplement the Camera Hacker web site. Now anyone can share reviews, thoughts, and experiences regarding photography by contributing to this wiki.

I look forward to seeing this photography-related encyclopedia develop into a ripe fruit.

Chieh Cheng