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Apple iPhone 5

My girlfriend, Sarah, is a gadget freak and is always demanding newest gizmos around gadget bazaar. For many times, I had become negligible to her demand but when it came to iPhone 5, I paused and let her buy the model, as I was highly impressed with the model like never before. This is for why the pre-orders for the iPhone 5 hit 2 million in 24 hours, bringing down its own record of receiving 1 million pre-orders in a day for iPhone 4. The camera is awesome. The location of the camera lens and LED flash is the same. The iPhone 5�s iSight has been updated concerning software. The rear iSight camera is impressive and taking pictures in bright environment provides greatest excitements. There is a bigger virtual camera capture button and video stabilization is improved. Having 8-megapixel camera with improved HDR capabilities, it boasts new sapphire-crystal lens along with improved hardware enabling features like dynamic low-lighting adjustment, image stabilization on the 1080p video camera. Even in low-light conditions, it can take detailed pictures. The technicality in the model automatically detect faces and auto-focuses. The front camera is awesome that boasts 720p video and with this, FaceTime and Skype chats will be much clearer. There has also been improvement in video-compression algorithm. Without a reduction in quality, file size of footages can be reduced with this which has made the user for email attachments. It lets the users to take still shots while shooting video. The camera gives new panorama mode and faster picture taking except in landscape mode. You can pan the camera across the scene up to 240 degrees and get detailed outcome with a resolution of up to 28 megapixels. The iPhone 5 shoots photos almost twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. With iPhone 5, fun for editing pictures also come along. You can edit re-eye effects, crop and rotate the pictures and enhance the pictures for the right fit. All of these can be done with the help from photo editing software on a computer. Viewing the pictures through iPhoto is awesome. You can change the orientation of the pictures with scrollable thumbnail. Comparing pictures will help you for great editing and thus, this model allows you to do so. You can compare multiple pictures and then select favorites. You just need to double-tap on image and and iPhoto will automatically selects similar photos from your library. You can mark your favorites and flag them as well. For photo editing, you do not need to be a professional photo editor. Just put pressure on your forefinger and then run it on the screen towards down, up, left and right. You can strengthen a photo by using automatic horizon detection. You can easily crop pictures and adjust exposure, contrast, saturation with a flick of your finger. Dozens of photo effects are available and you can use the swatch book to give different effects on your photos. All you need to do is to pinch, zoom and slide them to adjust. You can take the benefits from the brushes that allows you to paint paint adjustments with powerful repair tool. Hard lines and edges on your photos can be smoothen with soften brush tool. With this, you can cheat on your age by rubbing up your wrinkles. Creating photo galleries is awesome with iPhone 5. Just selection of the photos is needed and the software in-built with this set will automatically arrange them into a beautiful journal. The galleries can be personalized or shared online. The size of the photo can be manipulated according to the users' wishes. Captions, maps, dates can be added on the photos. With iPhoto, there are multiple way of sharing the photo. You can directly post them to Fqacebook, Flickr or Twitter or you can play a slideshow on your iPad . Not only this, you can also stream photos to your HDTVs. Photos can be transferred without distorting its full-resolution along with the image caption and other properties. iMovie in iPhone 5 is designed for Multi-Touch and movies can be magical just by tapping, swiping and dragging. It gives stunning visual graphics and with the selection of iMovie trailer templates like romance, superhero, fairy tales, your videos will get yet another experience. Each trailer is unique along with great soundtracks. Each trailer will tell you the best shots to use as it has its won outline for customizing titles and credits and storyboards. All you have to do is type in your text and drop your video clips into place. You can choose from existing footage or film a new scenes on your iPad or iPhone directly in the app. You can shoot your video on your iOS device up to 1080p HD and edit in whichever the way you wanted. With this edited version, you can share them within no minutes. The model boasts 8 unique themes to make your movie looks like a mini-blockbuster. You can have great titles, transitions and background score and soundtrack that you can superimpose the video with. You can take utmost fun from the iMovie library or from iTunes collection to give music and sound effects. You can export other music or record your own narration by self manipulating the sound through visible color-coded waveforms. With a flick of your finger, freezing a frame and splitting it into two is easy .

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