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How-To Download Photos and Videos from the Samsung SPH-A940 Camera Phone

The Samsung SPH-A940 is a feature-packed multimedia camera phone. It has now been superseded by the Samsung SCH-A970. Some of its funnest features are its camera and camcorder modes. It's one of the first camera phone that offered a 2 MP digital camera with auto-focus lens. This article will focus on how to retrieve photos and videos that you've shot from this camera phone.

This camera phone operates almost identically to the Samsung A900M. In fact, the cables are identical for both phones. The only difference is that the SPH-A940 has a storage card slot, which provides virtually unlimited storage and one additional option for downloading photos and videos.

Please refer to "How-To Download Photos and Videos from the Samsung A900M Camera Phone" document page for instructions on how to download via Bluetooth and USB. Refer to the description below for the storage card solution.

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Via Storage Card

Much like a digital camera, the Samsung SPH-A940 camera phone has a memory card slot on the left hand side. The slot is tiny, which accepts TransFlash (microSD) cards. Although you can store some data on the phone's on-board memory, it is highly recommended for you to purchase a large microSD card for storage (the phone comes with a 32 MB TransFlash).

The microSD card comes with a SD Card adapter, which can be inserted into any computer SD Card reader. Some computers have built-in memory card readers. You can always pick up a SD Card reader at a local electronics store. This is the preferred method of downloading your photo and video.

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