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Samsung Intercept SPH-M910


The Samsung Intercept SPH-M910 has a 3.2 megapixel digital camera. There are two way to snap a photo: 1) use the physical shutter button on the side of the phone; or 2) use the virtual shutter button in the camera app. The physical shutter button is a two-stage button similar to a real camera. The first stage allow you to focus on the subject. The second stage snaps the photo. The virtual shutter button does not have two stages. When you press it, the camera auto-focuses. Once focus has been achieved, it snaps the photo.

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Although the lens look like a web cam lens, it can actually auto-focus. The camera app support zooming via the user interface. But, with this tiny lens, I don't believe the zoom is optical zoom. I believe it is digital zoom.

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Sometimes, being a photographer means you have to be discreet to get your shot. With the Samsung Intercept SPH-M910, there is no way to be discreet, as the AF sound and the shutter sound can't be turned off. Even if you Media volume completely off, the camera will still make a sound when you shoot photos.

The same is true for the camcorder mode. In this mode, the camcorder makes a loud blimp sound when you start the recording. And it makes the same blimp sound when you stop the recording.

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You can get to the settings by using the "Menu" button on the phone. The following are options under settings:

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