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Gimp by Example: Technicolor 3 Filter

Trying different color filters with your photographs can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, it produces surprising and pleasant results.

The Technicolor 3 filter is a color filter that emulates the movie industry's Technicolor film processing technique. It gives your photograph a colorful look similar to old movies with color.

The Technicolor 3 Gimp script is not included with Gimp, but it's a free download. See "Related Links" below to download and install this filter. Perform the following steps to give your photograph a old cinema feel:

  • Load your photograph in Gimp.
  • Pull-down the "Colors" menu.
  • Click on "Technicolor 3 Color".
  • Adjust the setting as you wish. If it's your first time, try sticking to the defaults.
  • Click the "OK" button.

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The following is a photograph, taken at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco, before applying Technicolor 3 filter.

Using the default Technicolor 3 settings of Gimp renders the following photograph.

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Default Technicolor 3 Settings

The following screen shot shows the default Technicolor 3 settings to produce the example picture shown above.

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Extra Credit

Download the original photograph above. Try different Technicolor 3 settings on the original photograph.

Come up with an interesting example? Share (by attaching) the example photograph and a screen shot of the Technicolor 3 setting you used.

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