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Gimp by Example: Auto White Balance

Sometimes, when you take a photograph is a bad lighting condition, the color can be way off. In some cases, it would create really interesting photographs. In other cases, your photograph becomes really boring. In the latter cases, Gimp's auto white balance feature can save the day quickly.

Take the following steps to auto white balance your photograph.

  • Load your photograph in Gimp.
  • Pull-down the "Colors" menu.
  • Click on "Auto".
  • Select "White Balance".

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Sunny Exterior Example>

On bright sunny days, the camera exposure meter can be fooled to under-expose many scenes. For example, the following fountain scene at Ceasar's Palace is slightly under-exposed, due to the large amount of bright white elements; making it gray and dull.

Using the auto white balance feature of Gimp can quickly restore the correct exposure, as shown in the following photo, without washing out the details. The result is a much more vibrant photograph.

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Interior Example

Takes the following product shot as an example. It has an extremely dull yellow cast. Really not something fun to look at.

Using the auto white balance functionality of Gimp renders the following photograph.

It's much more fun and exciting than the original dull yellow photo. Ok, it's probably not as fun nor as exciting as a clown sitting on an elephant while rolling on a ball. But it's much more pleasant to look at.

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