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Gimp by Example: Oilify

Want to turn your photograph into a work of art? Give Gimp's Oilify feature a try. This filter allows you to turn your photographs into a oil painting (or, at least, the look of an oil painting). It works wonderfully with blur photographs as well. So if you have taken a blurry picture, you can still salvage it by turning it into an oil painting. Take the following steps to oilify your photograph.

  • Load your photograph in Gimp.
  • Pull-down the "Filters" menu.
  • Open the "Artistic" sub-menu.
  • Click on "Oilify...".
  • Adjust the setting as you wish. If it's your first time, try sticking to the defaults.
  • Click the "OK" button.

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The following is a duck photo before oilify.

Using the default oilify settings of Gimp renders the following work of art.

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Default Oilify Settings

The following screen shot shows the default oilify settings to produce the example picture shown above.

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