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Authoring DVD with Microsoft Windows Media Center

A video DVD that can play back on any consumer DVD player is probably the best format for distributing your home made videos to your family and friends. In order to burn a DVD that is playable on a DVD player, you have to use a DVD authoring software. Unfortunately, I've learned that not all DVD writers come bundled with a DVD authoring software.

The good news is that Windows XP Media Center edition comes with the Media Center software that could author DVD's. It has a very simple user interface and could help you burn a standard video DVD in only a few steps. Of course, you can't author any fancy DVD menu, nor get rid of the Media Center logo on the upper right hand corner. Unless you are authoring a professional DVD, the Media Center's quick and easy DVD authoring interface more than made up for its deficiencies.

In this article, I will show you step-by-step process of authoring your own video DVD using the Microsoft Windows Media Center.

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