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Connecting Sony Handycam to Windows Vista Via USB

Physically, there is only one way to connect the Sony Handycam to your computer via the USB port. However, once it's connected, the Sony Handycam can serve two different purposes (depending on how you configure the camcorder and the drivers). The first purpose is to simply use the Sony Handycam as a memory card reader/writer to access the Memory Stick through your computer. The second purpose is to use the Sony Handycam to stream video. This article will explain how to set-up the Sony Handycam and your Windows Vista computer to do either.

Accessing the Memory Stick

Using the Sony Handycam to access the Memory Stick is, by far, easier out of the two ways to use your Sony Handycam through your computer. All you have to do is connect the cable, turn on the camcorder, and switch it to "Memory" or "Playback" mode (depending on the specific camcorder). Windows Vista will automatically detect the camcorder and install the correct driver.

After installing the device driver, Windows' AutoPlay will show up (see screen shot below) if you have a Memory Stick inserted into the camcorder. You can examine the driver install status via the dialog shown on the right.

If you examine the Device Manager, you will see that Windows Vista installed two "Sony Camcorder" drivers (see screen shot below).

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Streaming Video

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Unpacking the Driver

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Installing the Driver

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Connecting the Camcorder

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