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Digital Video

Authoring DVD with Microsoft Windows Media Center
Quickest way to get your videos onto a DVD.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i - Pitfall #1 Video Length
Know the file size limitation of your video.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i - Pitfall #2 Memory Card Speed
Be sure your memory card can handle the video capture rate.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i - Pitfall #3 Set Video Exposure Manually
Make all your adjustments before the performance starts.

Capturing DV with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker
The easiest way to capture DV in Microsoft Windows.

Capturing with Video Pass-Through
Why the Sony Handycam prefer the tape over the composite connection and how to get around it.

Connecting Sony Handycam to Windows Vista Via USB
A work-around to get Windows Vista to recognize your Sony camcorder through the USB port.

Connecting Your Digital Camcorder to Your Computer
Getting to know your connectivity options.

Convert Flash Video Format to MPEG Format

Converting Video to DV Format
Creating DV format video file on the computer.

Creating OGG Video for the OLPC XO Laptop
Produce videos that can play back natively on the XO.

DivX and MP3 Codecs for Ubuntu
Easiest way to install various video and audio codecs.

Extract Sound from VCD
Free tools to grab the sound channel.

Fixing the Windows XP Firewire Problem
Step-by-step instruction to remove the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager.

I have searched EVERYWHERE......
How to inlay the date and time into a DVD video.

MOV to AVI Conversion
Free tools to help you convert your video files.

Free tools to help you distribute your video online.

Playing Back DVSD Video Files on Windows
A codec is needed to play back this video file.

Playing Windows Media Files in Mac OS X
Mac OS users can playback Windows media formats, too.

QuickTime Codec for Ubuntu
Easiest way to install the MOV codec.

Troubleshooting Firewire Problems
Ideas and Experiences to help you fix your Firewire connectivity.